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Upon purchase of your new standard poodle puppy, buyer shall be given 3 days from purchase date to take puppy to the veterinarian of their choice for a complete health exam.
If for any reason the puppy is found to have any health problems we will give a full refund of the purchase price or exchange the puppy after it has been returned to us with a detailed written letter from the Vet stating the health issues or concerns. We are not ever responsible for any vet bills that may occur within the 3 day period or for the life of your dog. 
Your new puppy comes with a 2 year REPLACEMENT health guarantee against any genetic/hereditary health diseases, we will replace the puppy from a future litter upon a written letter from the Veterinarian who has made the diagnosis and a second opinion from our Vet. No money will be reimbursed for Vet bills or the purchase price of the puppy. We will never ask to take the puppy back as we know it has now become part of the family, the replacement puppy will be given in addition to the other pup.

This agreement also states that this puppy is being sold as a family pet and shall be spayed/neutered as soon as it is of age. All pups are sold on a AKC "limited" registration with no breeding rights unless other arrangements have been made. The well being of our puppies is very important to us, that is why they are sold on a spay/neuter contract so that they do not end up in a unhealthy breeding situation. You also agree that your dog will receive monthly flea and heartworm prevention and yearly vaccinations and health exams by a Veterinarian.
We ask that if for ANY reason you are not able to keep your puppy anymore you contact us so that we can do our best to help find it a new home or purchase it back ourselves.
Under no circumstances should this puppy ever end up in a puppy mill, shelter or pet shop. We cannot guarantee color or size but can give you an idea of what the size and color will be at maturity. 
We hope that your puppy will bring you many years of companionship,love and wet kisses!
Painted Trails Farm Puppy Purchase Agreement.
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