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Our babies are socialized from birth and will be perfect examples of  well rounded Standard Poodles. 
They are AKC registered and will go to their new homes with their first shots, wormed, tails and dew claws done, microchiped and come with a two year replacement health guarantee against any hereditary defects. Both parents are OFA hip certified "Good" , CERF eye tested normal and vWD negative.They have amazing personalities that they pass on to their babies.   These puppies are raised in our home with their parents and aunt. They are part of our family and will go to approved select homes only. Our puppies have been exposed to children,other pets, even goats and horses. They will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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Beware of Puppy mills and bad breeders.
You can help stop them!
Lately, more and more I have been hearing this statement from puppy buyers who have gone to so called Standard Poodle breeders to look at their puppies."we went to look at the puppies and the conditions were so poor we felt by buying the puppy we were actually rescuing it from that horrible place".
It breaks my and every other responsible breeders heart to hear that this is happening to the breed we love so much. How does this happen? Some of the breeders have been show breeders who have just got to big for their own good and couldn't handle the amount of dogs they now have, others are just trying to make a fast buck without any thought for the dogs in their care. When you visit a breeder you should always look at the conditions the dogs are kept in , are they less than what you feel is comfortable for the dogs- meaning how are they kept? Are they healthy? Clean? Groomed? Well socialized? If this is a Kennel, are the runs spacious and clean? Are puppies guaranteed to be healthy? Are they kept until they are at least 8 weeks old? Have they had their vaccinations and worming? How many litters a year do they produce? Have the parents had any health testing done? were you able to view all dogs or just the one you are interested in?
I understand making a purchase to rescue one puppy or dog but what about the rest left behind?Do not let the neglect continue! The more puppies they sell the more they will produce in the same conditions. Pick up the phone and make a call to report them, write a letter, send an e-mail - anything!
Save more than just one life.
Myself and other responsible breeders of the wonderful Standard Poodle want this to stop. You don't have to buy a puppy from us, just buy one from a breeder whom you have researched and feel comfortable with the conditions their dogs are kept in and the way their pups are raised. As our breed continues to grow in popularity the growth of these puppy mills and poor breeding practices will grow also. Together we can stop this cruelty from getting out of control and save the lives of  poor helpless Poodles.                                              If we have no puppies available at the time you are looking, we will gladly help you find a responsible breeder that does.
All of our dogs are CERF eye tested normal against any hereditary genetic defects,vWD DNA tested negative and OFA hip certified.
A good breeder takes a LIFETIME interest in ALL dogs produced, they want to know how your dog does in it's new home, love getting calls and cards from you and are always there to advise you of a problem comes up.  If a medical condition crops up, they want to know so if it is potentially hereditary, they can alter the program and try to stop the problem in future generations. A good breeder is a mentor and best friend to all buyers and dogs they produced.  A good breeder will sell with a spay/neuter contract or alter the puppy or dog before placement! 

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Painted Trails Farm Standard Poodles
We are no longer breeding but are always here to answer any questions.

                       "A Word About Colors"
We do our best to label all pups with their coat colors. We do have very unique colors and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for us to be able to label the colors correctly. Some colors change as they mature, usually they will lighten. We cannot guarantee colors but we can guarantee that your pup will turn heads wherever it goes.
Whelping boxes in the Nursery
We pride ourselves on being responsible breeders and always require our pups to be SPAYED and NEUTERED by 12 months old.
Contact us if you would like more info or to be on our waiting list. dequnox@gmail.com  Message us on facebook or call (440)725-6960