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Sienna, is a 6-year-old registered American Paint Horse, she is a tobiano chesnut in color. Without question she is the sweetest horse I have ever met. 

Sienna is very sensitive but also very curious. She never spooks and I truly believe she would walk through fire if I asked her to. Our one-in-a-million horse is amazing on the trail and with ring work. Sienna still acts like a yearling at heart.

Shadow, is 14 year old registered American Quarter Horse, she is dark bay in color but looks black.Her grand father is the world famous cutting horse Peppy San Badger; one look at her movement and you can see the resemblance.
Shadow is all about business, she is used for lessons and  takes Pete on trail rides. Even though she would much rather be at the barn eating you can always bet that she will take care of her rider.

Our Horses
Here are our pygmy goats, they are a blast to have around the farm, they love to play and hide behind trees and enjoy head butting each other for fun. They are very loving animals and just love attention from people. They also make great weed eaters. Ace is black and oreo is the black and white. 
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